Sunday, July 27, 2008

Did anyone say Halloween???

I told you I love, love, love Halloween didn't I??
Well, here's the proof of it! I just got on a roll and had so much fun I just couldn't stop. The only thing is that there just isn't enough time in the day for it all. I work full-time and when I get home I need to do all the usual things (laundry, cook supper, feed the cats, get a little down-time and watch tv while vegging on the couch, etc, etc) and then I start crafting. Good thing I'm kind of a night owl at times.
Anywhoooo... check out my newest listings, my favs are the gorey severed fingers - these started the whole thing - I made these for my very first Halloween party many, many moons ago! They were a big hit! It was so much fun to hand-deliver them and watch people's faces as they unrolled the invitation and found that finger inside!
Since I usually create 3-4 invitation designs each year for my own party and then use only one, I decided to put all that creative energy to good use and actually make some of those other designs come to life! There are 4 of my Halloween/Costume party invitation designs up for auction right now and some more on the way.
I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween, do you? Don't bother asking - 'cause I'm not telling! (Hee hee, it's a surprise!) But do share what you're dressing up as, I'd love to hear about it! This night-owl thing is making me tired, got to go for now!