Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Respite (n.) To relieve by a pause or interval of rest.

My definition of a break is a good long nap
[or vegging out with a good movie]. I'll be doing precisely this over the next several days!
My invitation orders are filled now and I'm taking a break from "invitation overload" before I embark on my next projects. {A big THANK YOU to all my wonderful customers and new friends for all your halloween invitation orders! It's been fun being a part of your festivities!}
Next, I'll be preparing for my own Halloween party. Lots of halloweeny decorations to put up, menu to plan, groceries to buy, rooms to clean [ugh!], and costumes to finish. Guess nap time is over! I'll be seeing you in a week or so. Don't worry I'll be back! ~Julie

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


...today is the very last day I'm listing any of my Halloween/Party invitations for sale on eBay!
This is your last chance to get Severed Fingers, Toe Tags, Skull & Crossbones, Finger Earrings, or [the one and only] Severed Toes for this year!!!
I've been working my own "fingers" to the "bone" getting ready for my last auctions for this season, so I can mail out the invitations quickly to you. When I finally stop and rest my "bones" I'll probably realize just how "bone-tired" I am! [I'm such a "bone-head".]
After I'm done with all this craziness, I'll sit and rest my "lazy-bones" and get right back up to sew a cobwebby-spidery-costume for my little sis! She's needs a fabulous costume so she can get out there and "break a leg" in her school play!
Fortunately Halloween is just around the corner [I LOVE IT!] and with it autumn [my favorite season]! The leaves are changing color and falling, and the air is turning cooler. I feel it in my "bones".
Happy Haunting all! ~Julie

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Get 'em while they're hot!

Here they are... The newest creation from my "laboratory"! Severed toes with toe tags!
You can find these gruesome party invitations for sale in my eBay auctions here.
I'm releasing one set only for sale this year, so don't miss out! This design will be my "spooky specialty" for 2009, so if you miss these you'll have to wait a whole year for them!
Happy Haunting! ~Julie

Monday, September 22, 2008

Trick or Treat?

There's a surprise coming just around the corner...

You'll soon get a sneak peek of my signature "spooky specialty" Halloween party inviation I'll be releasing next year!!! [I'll give you a clue - they're not the skull & crossbones invites pictured here, they're a bit more gruesome!]

I'll be selling one set only this year, so don't miss out! You won't see them again until next Halloween! I'm a gal of my word and when I say only one set, I mean only one set.

It will soon appear on my eBay auctions so keep an eye on them. Right now up for sale I have my severed fingers invitations, one pair of severed fingers earrings, my toe tag cards, and my skull & crossbones invitations [pictured above].

PLEASE NOTE: In order to have enough time to create and ship my Halloween/Party Invitations before the holiday, OCTOBER 1st WILL BE THE LAST DAY I PUT ANY OF THEM UP FOR SALE on eBay. Don't delay!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hello all! Thanks for all the interest in my "severed fingers" line-up of party invitations and now~ jewelry!
The necklace/earrings set has sold, but I do still have just a few of the earrings. My severed finger items are going quickly, so don't delay!!! You can find them in my eBay listings along with my Halloween/Party invitions.

Don't forget - all my party inviations can be customized to say anything you like! I've made some for a birthday party, some dinner parties, some left blank, as well as many many Halloween and Costume parties!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to have enough time to create and ship my Halloween/Party Invitations before the holiday, OCTOBER 1st WILL BE THE LAST DAY I PUT ANY OF THEM UP FOR SALE ON eBay. Don't delay!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They're ready...

Along with my Halloween/Party invitations, my new gory severed finger earrings, and gruesome earrings & necklace set are up for sale now on my eBay auctions! Check 'em out!

I'm only going to have just a very small number of these for sale this year ~ so don't miss out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Accessorize daahling!!!

You know how in my previous blog I talk about making my severed fingers?
And how they go from this...
... to this?
Well, I had this thunderbolts-and-lightning-brainstorm-idea today and got out the clay again and started to make these...


My severed finger Halloween party invitations have been so popular, and I've had them on the brain so much, that this idea came forth! I'm all about accessorizing, especially at Halloween! I mean really - you get great invitations, plan a fabulous party [with a fabulous theme], come up with the best costume idea ever, go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect clothes for the perfect costume, and then what??? NO ACCESSORIES???!!! AAHHH!!! Halloween costumes are all about the accessories! That's the most, best-est, fun-est part!

I plan for weeks, for my own Halloween party. My hubby thinks I'm crazy, but that's some of the fun for me. I'm a planner and list-maker, so I sit down and create my lists; my guest list, my food list, my to-do-clean-the-house-fix-the-whatever-that's-been-needing-fixed-and-now-company's-coming-list, and my costume list. Sometimes I'll sketch out my costume too if it's something I need to sew or create [maybe my hubby's right, maybe I am crazy! :)].

Last year was my pirate themed party and I was - you guessed it - a pirate! Too fun!

You saw my husband's costume here. I was snapping photos of our friends and their awesome costumes, but don't have a photo of me and my hubby together. :( Oh well, there's always this year's party. Here's a shot of our entry room going into the house...

...you thinkin' what I'm thinkin? Nevermore!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tofu anyone?

No it's not tofu, or cheese for that matter. This is really just some of the clay I use to make my severed fingers out of. I've been like a mad scientist in her lab wildly working away making fingers! They're quite fun to make actually. As you can see here, I've got a stock-pile ready for paint. All piled up in this wooden bowl, they look like some sort of wicked potpourri!
Finding this as potpourri in someones home would throw you off guard wouldn't it? [Your home smells lovely, is that cinnamon? Oh my! Are those severed fingers?!]

Up next will be a funny [I hope others find it humorous] kind of Halloween/Party invitation. I'll be listing those on eBay soon along with some fabulous Pirate-themed invitations.
As with my others, these too will be personalized, so I guess you could use them all for other things like birthdays, weddings [small ones - I'm not ready to do hundreds of invites per order yet thank you], themed dinner parties, etc, etc, etc.

Well, back to the lab!

Monday, August 11, 2008

you're invited...

I've been busy making Halloween party invitations. Most popular right now?
These Skull & Crossbones invites.
I've also put up some of my Toetag invites - too creepy!

This week I'm going to be creating some new invitations [for Halloween, of course].
Be on the lookout for those.

I'm also getting ready to create some of my photo-greeting cards. Have to experiment with my new printer first! [doncha just love getting new toys!?]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Did anyone say Halloween???

I told you I love, love, love Halloween didn't I??
Well, here's the proof of it! I just got on a roll and had so much fun I just couldn't stop. The only thing is that there just isn't enough time in the day for it all. I work full-time and when I get home I need to do all the usual things (laundry, cook supper, feed the cats, get a little down-time and watch tv while vegging on the couch, etc, etc) and then I start crafting. Good thing I'm kind of a night owl at times.
Anywhoooo... check out my newest listings, my favs are the gorey severed fingers - these started the whole thing - I made these for my very first Halloween party many, many moons ago! They were a big hit! It was so much fun to hand-deliver them and watch people's faces as they unrolled the invitation and found that finger inside!
Since I usually create 3-4 invitation designs each year for my own party and then use only one, I decided to put all that creative energy to good use and actually make some of those other designs come to life! There are 4 of my Halloween/Costume party invitation designs up for auction right now and some more on the way.
I already know what I'm going to be for Halloween, do you? Don't bother asking - 'cause I'm not telling! (Hee hee, it's a surprise!) But do share what you're dressing up as, I'd love to hear about it! This night-owl thing is making me tired, got to go for now!