Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NO "BONES" ABOUT IT... is the very last day I'm listing any of my Halloween/Party invitations for sale on eBay!
This is your last chance to get Severed Fingers, Toe Tags, Skull & Crossbones, Finger Earrings, or [the one and only] Severed Toes for this year!!!
I've been working my own "fingers" to the "bone" getting ready for my last auctions for this season, so I can mail out the invitations quickly to you. When I finally stop and rest my "bones" I'll probably realize just how "bone-tired" I am! [I'm such a "bone-head".]
After I'm done with all this craziness, I'll sit and rest my "lazy-bones" and get right back up to sew a cobwebby-spidery-costume for my little sis! She's needs a fabulous costume so she can get out there and "break a leg" in her school play!
Fortunately Halloween is just around the corner [I LOVE IT!] and with it autumn [my favorite season]! The leaves are changing color and falling, and the air is turning cooler. I feel it in my "bones".
Happy Haunting all! ~Julie

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