Sunday, August 24, 2008

Accessorize daahling!!!

You know how in my previous blog I talk about making my severed fingers?
And how they go from this...
... to this?
Well, I had this thunderbolts-and-lightning-brainstorm-idea today and got out the clay again and started to make these...


My severed finger Halloween party invitations have been so popular, and I've had them on the brain so much, that this idea came forth! I'm all about accessorizing, especially at Halloween! I mean really - you get great invitations, plan a fabulous party [with a fabulous theme], come up with the best costume idea ever, go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect clothes for the perfect costume, and then what??? NO ACCESSORIES???!!! AAHHH!!! Halloween costumes are all about the accessories! That's the most, best-est, fun-est part!

I plan for weeks, for my own Halloween party. My hubby thinks I'm crazy, but that's some of the fun for me. I'm a planner and list-maker, so I sit down and create my lists; my guest list, my food list, my to-do-clean-the-house-fix-the-whatever-that's-been-needing-fixed-and-now-company's-coming-list, and my costume list. Sometimes I'll sketch out my costume too if it's something I need to sew or create [maybe my hubby's right, maybe I am crazy! :)].

Last year was my pirate themed party and I was - you guessed it - a pirate! Too fun!

You saw my husband's costume here. I was snapping photos of our friends and their awesome costumes, but don't have a photo of me and my hubby together. :( Oh well, there's always this year's party. Here's a shot of our entry room going into the house... thinkin' what I'm thinkin? Nevermore!

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