Monday, August 12, 2013

Guess what?

They're back!  What?  My SEVERED FINGER INVITATIONS are back!  That's what!
New and improved - well, different anyway.  I'm all about choices and options and so I decided to give ya'll some choices too!  This year, along with my original tried and true severed finger, I'm releasing 3 new styles of severed fingers.

The Ghostly finger... don't want blood and guts at Halloween?  This one's perfect for you.  It's sleek and clean-cut (pardon the pun).  This all white finger would be great for a black and white party too.  

The Witches finger... just like the name implies, this witchy green finger looks like it may be from the Wicked Witch of the West (or her sister from the East?).

The Zombie finger... looking a little dead already, this Zombie digit has darker Zombie-infected blood.

Stay tuned for my ebay and etsy listings so you can get a "handful" of these for your party invitations!  I'll be putting items up for sale within the next 7-10 days!

Regarding custom design orders, please note:
I've recently started an awesome new job - yay! - life is good!  But because of that I will not be able to accept any specialized custom orders for anything but the invitations I'll be listing on ebay and etsy.
My apologies to all my lovely and loyal friend/customers out there that I've done custom work for before.
I'll be listing one or two other invitations besides my fingers, so hopefully I will be able to help you with one of the offerings I'll have this year.

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